About Us

From a girl who loves sweets, she became a mom that loves making them. She could not bear any additional calories from desserts that she does not love.

One of her little girls once got “sugar high” from a high-end store-bought sweet. We now know that “sugar high” is not due to sugar; it might be due to artificial colorings, flavors, or many unnecessary add-ons. That episode made her scared and decided to make sweets for her loved little ones. In the end, her little ones never get “sugar high” from her handmade sweets.

She understands some parents who do not know or do not have the time to make sweets for their kids. Her learning curve for chiffon cakes is quite long actually. She hopes her handmade desserts could bring more peace of mind options for parents.

從一個愛吃甜食的女孩, 變成愛做甜點的媽媽. 她不吃不好吃的甜點, 因為那都是額外的熱量. 既然要吃, 就應該吃最好吃的.

有一次, 她女兒吃了一家高檔甜點店買的甜點之後 sugar high 了好久. 現在的研究指出, sugar high 並不是因為糖, 而可能是許多人工色素, 人工香料, 或是各種添加物. 那次的事件讓她決定, 要自己做甜點給女兒們吃. 從那之後, 她女兒們從來沒有因為吃她做的甜點而 sugar high 過.

許多家長可能不會做甜點, 或者是沒有時間做甜點. 她自己學著做戚風蛋糕也是失敗了很多很多次, 才慢慢學會. 她希望她的手作甜點, 可以讓大家享用幸福, 也可以安心給小孩吃.