Q: How to put an order?
A: We have an online shop at http://butternbubbles.com
You can also leave us a message, or email us. We will reply in 2 business days.
我們有網路商店, 請點 http://butternbubbles.com
也可以傳訊息給我們, 或是發電子郵件. 我們會在兩個工作天內回覆您.

Q: If I have a special request, how do I let you know?
如果我有特殊需求, 要怎麼讓你們知道呢?
A: You can contact us before putting an order. Or leave some details in the “Special Request” column when putting an order. We will review the message and discuss detail with you via email.
您可以在下訂之前先跟我們聯絡. 或者是在訂單的”特殊需求”欄位中註明, 我們會用 email 跟您討論細節.

Q: Do you do catering?
我們要舉辦派對, 你們能夠配合嗎?
A: Yes, we do. Please let us know at least two weeks ahead. We could discuss the details through email or messages. The catering service may need some extra fees.
請至少兩週前通知我們, 讓我們有機會與您討論, 了解您的需要, 派對服務可能需額外收費.

Q: If I am allergic to some ingredients, may I have your cakes or products?
如果我對某種食材過敏, 我可以吃你們的蛋糕或產品嗎?
A: All of our products are made in a kitchen that also processes milk, eggs, peanuts, nuts, gluten, etc. Although we take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe to consume for people with allergies.
我們的廚房會同時也會處理牛奶, 蛋, 花生, 堅果, 麩質等等食物, 我們會依衛生規定盡力避免交互污染, 但我們不建議有嚴重過敏的人食用我們的產品.

Q: How does the point system work?
積分系統是什麼? 計算的規則?
A: 每消費 $30 元可以得到 $1 積分, 下次訂購時可以折抵.
積分是跟著電子郵件信箱的, 只要結帳時輸入電子郵件信箱, 就可以看到

Q: How does the referral link work? How do I get credits for both of us?
我要如何介紹朋友, 讓我跟我朋友兩個人都可以打折?

A: If you like our product, please don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. From every order of your friends using the promotion link in your order confirmation email, you will receive $1 credit in your account associated with your email. Your friends also got $1 off for every item they ordered, only through your referral link.

如果您喜歡我們的產品, 歡迎將我們介紹給您的親朋好友. 您每介紹一個新朋友下訂單並完成交貨, 您也會得到 $1 積分. 下次消費時, 輸入您的電子郵件信箱就可以折抵. 請將訂單確認通知信裡的連結傳給朋友, 他們也會因為您的介紹, 能得到 $1 的折扣唷!