The Best Natural Ingredients 原。材料

Organic Eggs 選蛋

Organic, cage-free eggs are our basic choice. Sometimes we use eggs from free-range hens or even pasture-raised hens.

從最基本的非籠養 (cage-free) 有機雞蛋, 到散養 (free-range) 甚至放養 (pasture-raised) 土雞蛋我們都會視情況使用

Organic Sugar 有機蔗糖

We use turbinado sugar instead of white cane sugar to provide a smooth, sweet taste. We also offer the option of monk fruit extract and erythritol (natural sweetener). 我們使用有機蔗糖 (organic turbinado sugar) 而不是精製白糖 (white cane sugar), 可以讓甜味更溫和圓潤另外, 我們也提供訂製的天然代糖選項, 選用羅漢果糖 (monk fruit extract) 及赤藻糖醇 (erythritol), 讓有需求的人也能安心的享用甜點

Organic Flour 有機麵粉

The Japanese method “湯種(ゆだね) Yutane” was used in our cakes. The method makes the flour could absorb more liquid and become a moisturized, cotton-like, fluffy, cloudy cake. This cloud contains the perfect balance of eggs, milk, and flavors.

選用新鮮的有機麵粉 (certified organic flour) 用日式燙麵法製作出來的戚風蛋糕, 口感濕潤軟綿, 能夠完整的呈現蛋奶香味的平衡

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