Tahitian Vanilla Beans Chiffon Cake with Lemon Buttercream 大溪地香草戚風蛋糕 佐檸檬奶油霜

There are mainly three kinds of vanilla beans: Madagascar, Mexican, and Tahitian. Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans are the most popular type of vanilla, resulting from their clear and creamy flavor. Tahitian vanilla beans are the most expensive type of vanilla beans. The aroma is floral with undertones of ripe fruit with a deep, rich flavor that includes cherry-chocolate, licorice, and caramel.

We use only grade A Tahitian vanilla beans. They provide floral and fruity flavor, which is a perfect pair for our fluffy cakes. These tiny little seeds floating in the cake. They are not dirt or sand. They are delicate small Tahitian black pearls in the cake.

Lemon buttercream is made from cultured European butter with food-grade lemon essential oil. The light sour and citrous scent is perfect pair with Tahitian vanilla beans. Results in layered floral, citrus, and caramel flavors.

最常見的香草莢有三種: 馬達加斯加, 墨西哥, 以及大溪地香草莢. 馬達加斯加香草莢是最被廣泛使用的香草莢, 因為他的香草味非常的香濃鮮明, 大溪地香草莢通常雖然比較昂貴, 但它的香味帶有花香, 成熟的果香 (調性是櫻桃巧克力, 甘草, 和焦糖味).

我們只使用 A 級的大溪地香草莢, 這種香草莢非常適合跟輕柔的戚風蛋糕搭配. 你可以看到蛋糕裡充滿了許多小小黑黑的香草籽, 這些不是灰塵也不是髒東西, 他們就像許多大溪地黑珍珠一樣珍貴呀!

搭配的檸檬奶油霜是用發酵的奶油, 加入食用級檸檬精油, 微微的酸帶出檸檬香氣, 跟花香調的大溪地香草搭配起來, 柔和的層次還融合了一些焦糖味, 喜歡檸檬香的你一定不能錯過.

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