Why Starting a Home Kitchen During Pandemic? 為什麼在疫情期間開店呢?

今天一個朋友問我: “為什麼選在疫情最嚴重的時候開店呢? 現在大家都盡量自己煮不外食耶”

我說: “這時候開店才好哇, 你想想, 你從蛋糕店買一個蛋糕, 從製作的時候就有烘培師, 有學徒, 光廚房就不只一兩個人, 外場有結帳的人, 清潔的人, 這個蛋糕從做好, 到交到你手上, 有好幾個人可能碰過;”

“如果是我的 home kitchen, 烘培師: 我, 包裝: 我, 清潔人員: 我, 連送貨都是: 我, 從頭到尾就一個人碰過, 除非自己在家烤蛋糕, 不然沒有比這個更安全的了!”

戚風蛋糕說難不難, 說簡單也不簡單, 記得闆娘第一次做的時候, 新手運氣成功了! 心想, 大家為什麼要把戚風蛋糕叫成”氣瘋”蛋糕呢, 其實也還好吧, 沒那麼難呀~ 然後~~~就開始了我的撞牆之路….

One of my friends asked me: “Why are you open shop during COVID-19? People are trying to cook as much as possible instead of buying cooked meals.”

I answered: “How many people may have touched your cake before you get it? The pastry chef, the assistant pastry chef, the cashier, the cleaning staff, or more. The cake you bought has been handled by several people.”

“In my home kitchen, I am the one and the only one who handled the cake. The pastry chef: me. The cleaning staff: me. The delivery staff: me. If you could make your own cake, that’s even safer. Otherwise, my cake is only handled by me.”

Chiffon cake is a simple cake, but not so simple. When I started making my first cake, I made a beautiful cake with my beginner’s luck. I wondered: “why people said making chiffon cake is hard. It’s quite simple, though.” And after that, the arduous journey just began……

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