Why There Are Lots of Crumbs Around the Cake? 為什麼蛋糕側面有很多屑屑?

有幾個客人提出了他們的疑惑: 奶油泡泡的戚風蛋糕表面, 好像有很多屑屑, 是不是不應該有這些屑屑?

這個問題問得很好, 事情要從蛋糕如何脫模說起…

脱模, 就是指蛋糕烤好之後, 要從蛋糕模裡拿出來. 戚風蛋糕脱模的方式有兩種: 徒手脱模, 或是使用脱模刀/小刀/刮刀.

先說第一種: 徒手脱模*, 基本上就是用手慢慢的把蛋糕剝下來, 這樣蛋糕表層大部分都會黏在模具上, 不過蛋糕越濕軟, 脫模的難度也就越高. 我試著戴著手套徒手脱模了幾次, 都慘敗收場, 當然不要戴手套會比較有手感, 但因為衛生問題, 我真的想要盡量不要徒手碰蛋糕, 所以選擇用第二種方式.

第二種方式: 使用刀具脱模, 用脱模刀把蛋糕從模具上刮下來, 這種脫模方式會把表層也都一起刮下來, 大部分店家會再用手把屑屑撥掉, 但一樣因為衛生問題, 我盡量不想多碰烤好的蛋糕, (用刷子刷掉屑屑一樣會有污染問題). 而且!! 我覺得這層屑屑很好吃呀~~~這層可是梅納反應 (Maillard reaction)** 的精華呢!

所以請大家了解這層屑屑怎麼來的, 試著嚐嚐看這些看起來醜醜的屑屑吧, 真的很好吃唷~

Some of my customers asked me a question: “Why there are lots of crumbs around the cake? Does it supposed to be like this?”

That’s a good question. To understand how do these crumbs come from, we need to understand the process: how to get the cake out of the mold?

There are two ways to remove the cake from the mold: by hand or by a knife.

By hand is a technique that requires some practice*. It will leave a skin layer on the mold and give you a clean, smooth cake. However, when I am wearing gloves and handling a super moist, soft cake, it’s nearly impossible to get it out of the mold perfectly.

Due to food safety, I try to avoid contact with cake as much as possible. So, I choose the knife method. Just like angel food cake, you could use a butter knife to cut the edge from the mold. There will be some crumbs on the surface of the cake. These crumbs are very delicious because they are the product of Maillard reaction**. If you really don’t want these crumbs, you can use your hand or a brush to peel them away.

* 註一: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yVe27jQTQo
This video shows how to remove the cake from the pan by hand.

** 註二: 梅納反應 Maillard reaction: https://bit.ly/MaillardSkin

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