How to keep the cake fresh? 如何保存蛋糕才能保持新鮮呢?

Naked chiffon cakes do not have whipping cream covering. They tend to dry out if not protected. No matter you put them in room temperature or in the refrigerator, make sure you seal them and keep them from contacting airs. You could use the original hexagonal origami packaging, any airtight container, or zip lock bags. Just remember to keep it airtight to keep the moisture.

If you put the cake in the refrigerator, the cake may become a little bit harder than usual. You could microwave a piece for 20-30 seconds, covering with a damp hand towel or wet paper towel. The cake will regain texture and become super soft and moisturized.

Cakes with buttercream could be stored at room temperature for two days. The purpose that we refrigerate the cake before delivery is to keep the shape during transportation. You can enjoy a buttercream chiffon cake both at room temperature and refrigerated. The texture and flavors are different. Just try it.

戚風裸蛋糕因為沒有塗一層鮮奶油保護, 所以最怕水分蒸發乾掉, 保存的時候不管是室溫還是放冷藏, 都要密封好, 避免水氣散掉. 可以用包裝的六角形摺紙包好, 也可以移到保鮮盒或是夾鏈袋裡封好, 重點就是要避免空氣流通, 保持住水分.

冷藏可能會讓蛋糕變得稍硬一些, 要吃之前可以切一塊下來, 放到微波爐裡, 蓋一塊濕布 (或濕的餐巾紙), 微波 20-30 秒, 蛋糕就會變軟, 比剛出爐還要好吃.

有奶油霜的蛋糕其實還是可以放在常溫保存, 奶油泡泡在運送前會先將奶油霜蛋糕冷藏, 是為了讓奶油霜定型, 運送的時候比較不會被震壞. 至於奶油霜蛋糕是常溫比較好吃, 還是冷藏比較好吃呢? 常溫跟冷藏的口感不太一樣, 就看個人喜好囉!

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