Cakes Calories Comparison 蛋糕熱量比較

Chiffon cake is a kind of cake that has low calories compared to pound cake, fresh cream cake, or crepe cake. In fact, it only contains calories less than half of a fresh cream cake.Our chiffon cakes have even lower calories. Because our ratio of water is even higher, it attributes to the moisture and fluffy texture of the cake. Let’s enjoy a cake full of joy, not full of fat.

戚風蛋糕熱量算是很低的, 跟磅蛋糕, 鮮奶油蛋糕, 或是千層蛋糕比起來, 熱量不到一半呢
Butter n Bubbles 的戚風熱量又更低了, 因為飽含了水份, 粉類跟油類的添加都比較少, 口感濕潤綿密會吃到滿足, 不會吃到肥油

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