Decaf Earl Grey Chiffon Cake 低咖啡因伯爵奶茶戚風蛋糕

We proudly serve “The Republic of Tea” “Decaffeinated Earl Greyer.” The Republic of Tea uses a natural CO2 high-pressure extraction process employing carbon dioxide, which is highly effective at removing the caffeine without compromising the flavor, color, quality, or other beneficial components.

The perfect balance of eggs, milk, and tea leaves. By using the decaffeinated tea leaves, you could enjoy some cake without worrying about sleepness disturbance, even after dinner.

我們選用 “The Republic of Tea” 的低咖啡因伯爵紅茶, 他們使用超臨界二氧化碳萃取法來移除茶葉中的咖啡因, 可以最大程度地保留茶的風味, 色澤, 以及風味.

蛋糕裡選用低咖啡因的茶葉, 即使吃得多了一點也不用擔心影響睡眠, 就算是晚餐後也可以安心享用茶蛋糕.

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